Creating a Query View

When "m_" is added to the added dashboard id value, the added dashboard will have a view tab such as DLV, KLV, Calendar. In this scenario, query changes in the parent content can be captured from the dashboard opened as iframe and special arrangements can be made.

	DisplayName:"[$.en:My Dashboard;tr:Benim Panelim]",
    __type: "Factory.ActionFactory:HTMLReporter",

(warning) If the name or path of the html file to be copied will not be the same as the jSettings file, the TemplateFile value must also be specified in the json context. Example:   TemplateFile:"%AppData%\\App\\GEODI\\GUI\\Custom\\ES\\DashboardTemplates\\MyQueryResult.html"

(warning) You can use ready-made methods in GeodiQueryJS content or make your own api calls. For Template editing, you can review the  displaying results using Template documentClick Here for sample html to create a template.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="" lang="[=c.GetCurrentLanguage(true)]">
		<meta charset="utf-8" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/jquery-2.1.3.min.js" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/bootstrap.min.js" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/GeodiQueryJS.js" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/GeodiGenericJS.js" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/PlatformCommunication.js" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeCssResource" src="~/GUI/css/GeodiStyle.css" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="GeodiSessionInfoHtmlPageItem" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/moment.js" />
		<dcc:CultureInfoWriter formattype="DateTime" />
		<dcc:item factoryname="IncludeScriptResource" src="~/GUI/js/GeodiHelpManager.js" />
		<div class=container style="background-color:#fff">
			<div id=docList></div>
			<script type="dece-template" id="myTemplate">
				<d:r data="data">
					{{ data.DisplayName }}  -  {{ data.AdditionalValues.Date }} <br>
					<span class="SummaryText __textclass geodiFormatable" contentid="{{data.ContentIdentifier}}">{{data.Summary}}</span>
				window.Aborter = new PostAborter();

				$(window).ready(function () {
						   function (e, obj) {
							   if (obj.Command == "ExecutedQuery") //query button is pressed.


				function UpdateQuery(query) {
						Query: query,
						TargetDiv: "#docList",
						Aborter: window.Aborter,
						CurrentWSInfo: window.parent.CurrentQueryContainer.CurrentWSInfo,
						wsName: query.wsName,

More advanced features can be added to the menu with the AddStartMenuItem method located in the ES. To do this, you must add an html to the Component folder in the Writing HTML Extensions item and add the menu option by calling the AddStartMenuItem script method. You should also manage what to do after clicking the menu option.