GEODI Api Documentation

You can also take advantage of GEODI capabilities through GEODI APIs. You can find documentation of all of the basic APIs and parameters here.

You can reach all sample applications from the links and service detail pages below.

Generating a GEODI Token

Token is an expression that includes the user information that created it, the requesting role, user and privileges, and it is also used to set constraints. The received token is valid for 10 years unless specifically modified. It is enough to generate once.

Geodi Query API ( Query )

You can use this service if you want to query from a project indexed by GEODI and process the results in your application. You can access all query capabilities here.

Geodi Data Extraction API ( Formatter )

You can use this service to retrieve and use GEODI-recognized content in a text or file content, such as Contact names, Dates, Parcel Numbers, e-mail addresses, or dictionary definitions.

Geodi Feed Api ( FeedHandler )

You can use this service to provide source data to GEODI. You can specify the application to open when the resource you provide is reached in a search result.

Geodi Workspace Information Api ( WSInfo )

Project information may be required to interpret some information from GEODI services. You can reach various information about the project by using the services within this scope.

Sharing user authorizations ( GEODI → APP)

If your web application is using Geodi Feed API - Feed Method (APP → GEODI ) or Geodi Feed API - Integration with Application Services ( GEODI → APP) then you can perform this service to share authority / role information.

Geodi User Token API - SSO for trusted clients

User Event Monitoring/Accessing Event History

You can monitor user activities on Geodi and access their logs.

Embedded Result - Displaying Embedded Results

You can use the GEODI query results in your application with GEODI interfaces or scripts.

  • Displaying search results with templatesGEODI provides rest API services. You can use query results in your application by taking advantage of Geodi Query APIs. With GeodiQueryJS, you can display the results in any format you want, or use libraries such as Angular.js and Vue.js.
  • Showing results with IframeYou can retrieve existing GEODI screens from a different application by specifying query text, and use them in an iframe. This way, you can display views such as Document, Map, Words or Network graph directly in your software.

Embedded Viewer - Embedded Document Displaying

You can call the existing GEODI Document Viewer from a different application and use it in an HTML iframe tag. This way you can display documents directly inside your software.


GEODI provides the documentation of the rest API methods it offers. This documentation may vary depending on the GEODI version and modules you use. Therefore, you can access the provided APIs using the links below.