Creating a Layout

The layout is a concept created to partially change the order and operation of DOM objects in the ES interface.

Scripts and CSS files can be copied under a subfolder,with the name to be specified for Layout, which can be created under the GUI\Custom\ES\Layout folder. This way, when selected on a project or user basis, the layout will load all script and CSS contents in the ES interface folder to the page.

Layout selection methods

  • Layout = <LayoutFolderName> can be passed through the URL. The value transmitted will be stored in the browser.
  • By adding under GenericSettings in project settings
    • The default layout can be specified on a project basis by the definition: "Layout":"<LayoutFolderName>" 
    • The layout concept can be turned off by the definition: "Layout":"<LayoutFolderName>" 
    • You can define a single mandatory layout that can be used in a project by the definition: "ForceLayout":"<LayoutFolderName>". When this definition is made, all other layout determination methods are ignored.
  • The "Layout": "<LayoutFolderName>" definition to be added under SystemJSONSettings can specify the default Layout for all projects.

A value of "none" means that a layout is not selected.