Zip Report

Can be created by copying a jSettings file to the Report Folder .

Metadata must be added to the jSettings content, folder name, file content definitions must be made. Metaobject is a tree structure. Each level in the tree content is MetaType with the key as Folder, File or Loop.

Meta Structure
	MetaType: MetaType,
	Data: "=MACRO",
	Date :"DisplayName"

With this information, the desired report can be created. Macro structure also provides access to different data contents. You need to know the type of object passed to the report content and edit the report accordingly. In the reports you create with GEODI Pro, the macro data object is GeodiEntry Array . The object for Mobidi Server Reports is the  MobidiEntry Array.

The following content is the zip report definition provided with GEODI Pro.

	DisplayName:"[$.en:Zip and Download;tr:Sıkıştır ve İndir]",
    __type: "Factory.ActionFactory:ZipReporter",
    Meta: {
        MetaType: "Enumarator",
        Data: "=c.Distinct(context.Data,\"=context.Data.OutputGeodiContent.SystemContentID\")",
        Sub: [{
            MetaType: "Folder",
            Name: "=context.Data.OutputGeodiContent.ContentTypeKey",
            Sub: [
                MetaType: "File",
                Name: "=context.Data.OutputGeodiContent.SystemContentID+\"_\"+context.Data.OutputGeodiContent.GetFileNameForDownload()",
                Data: "=context.Data.OutputGeodiContent.GetStream()"