Excel Report

Can be created by copying an xlsx content into the Reports Folder. If a custom rule, image name, icon is to be defined, a jSettings file should be placed next to it. Only jSettings file can be created with the report. Creating a report with jSettings is the same as creating a CSV Report.

You need to know the type of object passed to the report content and edit the report accordingly. In the reports you create with GEODI Pro, the macro data object is GeodiEntry Array. The object for Mobidi Server Reports is the MobidiEntry Array.

Creating templates

You must create several Worksheets for a new Excel Template. These pages are "Template", "Data" and as many Analysis pages as you want.

  • "Data": The data based on the report will be written here. How to write, which columns will be included and definitions of style information will be indicated on the "Template" page.
  • Optionally, Analysis pages that you create are pages that can be defined by time, subject, pivot table, graph or different outputs. Analysis pages can use data as input and other analysis pages as source data. In pivot analysis, using options such as automatic refresh of pivot tables when files are loaded makes your job easier.

The structure of the Template page that specifies the fields to be used in our report should be as follows. the first line should specify the column headings and the second line should contain the expression to determine the content. macro and localization can be used in column names and values.

Other lines may optionally include style information. If you make the next lines in different colors, the software repeats these styles. Text style, cell style, and other styles can be repeated in the same way.

Your column-based styles also follow this rule. It is possible to write Person Name in 20 pt,  Date using different fonts and colors. We recommend that you examine and test some of the examples that come with the software.

Using an Excel formula in content

If you want to use an Excel macro in the column content, type '= FORMUL(..) in the cell content. The formula to be written must be in the same format as English Excel. Rows must be specified with% row%.

Example : '=SUM(A%row%;B%row;)

Pivot, preparing graphical reports

When an Excel report is received, a new page named Data will be created and the result will be displayed on this page.

You can create pages with Pivot, charts that reference the data page. You can use Excel macros. In order to make these studies easier, you can get a report as a result and use the report instead of the template.