Geodi Query API - Returning a Query Facet

Generating a Geodi Token is needed

DefinitionReturns summary information of documents matching the query result.


  • wsName(string): Name of the workspace to search inside
  • q(string): Query text
  • options(Optional): Additional parameters to change the query results
    • ContentIDFilter(int[] - Optional): Filters the content from which to query.
    • Envelope([LonMin(int),LatMin(int),LonMax(int),LatMax(int)] - Optional): Returns the words within the boundaries of the given BBOX geometry.
    • LayerIdFilter(int[] - Optional):  Filters the words according to the IDs of the recognizers that recognize these words.
    • KeywordIdFilter(int[] - Optional): Filters words by IDs
HttpMethodGET, POST
Expected Errors

401 Unauthorized access / Access denied

403 Forbidden

511 Network Authentication Required

501 Server Error

Resulting value
  • LastWSScanKey: The key to the latest scan.
  • TotalDocument: Total number of documents in the workspace
  • TotalDeletedDocument: Total number of documents deleted in the workspace
  • TotalGeodiKeyword: .Number of words found with the search
  • TotalHasNote: Number of contents that have notes
  • FoundDocument: Number of found documents matching the query
  • FoundGeodiKeyword: Number of found words matching the keyword
  • FoundHasGeo: Number of found contents that have geometry
  • DocForEnumerator: The enumerator ID and number pairs of which enumerator provides content that matches how many query results.
  • DocForRecognizer: Identifier ID and number pairs of which identifier recognizes the number of contents matching the query result.
  • DocForContentType: The content-type key-value and number pairs expression of how many content of which type.
//Request : [GEODIURL]/QueryHandler?op=GetFacet&wsName=PROJE&wsName=PROJE&q=ankara
	"LastWSScanKey":"20.01.2017 00:00:00",
Example applications