E-Commerce/Payment System Integration

You can integrate GEODI with E-Commerce / Payment Systems to charge your users for downloads. A user is directed to a payment page before downloading a content she/he has viewed in GEODI, and the file is forwarded to her/him after completing the transactions.

With a button you can add to the GEODI viewer, you can direct the user to any E-Commerce software. For details about how to write Html Extensions to GEODI interfaces, see Writing HTML Extensions page.

You can pass some parameters that E-Commerce software needs during redirection. For example, you can pass values such as the name of the document, the total number of pages, and the number of the page currently displayed if you want to download only one page as HTTP get/post parameters in javascript.

In most cases, visitors who use GEODI as guests will be needed to enter the E-Commerce system during the purchase process.. This scenario does not require any user integration In other cases, you can find the necessary information on the Sharing user authorizations ( GEODI → APP) page.

 After logging in and paying, the E-Commerce System receives and transmits the content (document or page) to the user (direct download, e-mail, etc.) using Geodi REST API. You can obtain the Token required for the REST API calls from the relevant interfaces once and use it in each request.

An example of integration developed by BT Haber using Garanti Bank Virtual Pos services is available at