Integration Notes for Electronic Document Management Systems and Archive Software

A large number of integration models can be produced between the GEODI and software like electronic document management system (EDMS) and archive software We're going to give information about a few here.

Our models are mainly based on requesting GEODI from the related software. Requesştng GEODI by EDMS/ Archive software solves many complex processes from the beginning.

  1. There is no need to share the database where the documents are stored.
  2. Complex authorization mechanisms don't need to be resolved by GEODI
  3. The life cycle of the documents does not need to be understood by GEODI.

Key points to make requests to GEODI from EDMS/ Archive software

  1. When the New Document arrives
    1. All incoming documents and attachments and metadata can be sent using the Geodi Feed Api ( FeedHandler ) The feed API also includes privileges. As long as the users of GEODI and the Software are matched, these privileges also apply to GEODI.
    2. If you want to use GEODI to extract metadata/index information, you can use the Geodi Data Extraction API ( Formatter )  when a new document is addedIn this way, GEODI will provide you the dates, parcel numbers and much other information in the document.  If the Geodi Feed Api (FeedHandler) is used, the Geodi Query API (Query) option can be used instead of adding the same content twice.
  2. When an access right of a document changes
    1. The changed authorizations are notified to GEODI again with the Geodi Feed Api ( FeedHandler ) .
  3. When the content of a document changes
    1. The changed content must be passed to GEODI. GEODI will update according to this change. The method used is again FeedAPI.
  4. When Index/metadata of document changes
    1. You can send them manually generated index/metadata values to GEODI alongside the document itself. The method used is again FeedAPI. Metadata change is also counted as a version change.
  5. Before integration, a batch transfer to GEODI must be performed once for all data that already exists in the EDMS / Archive software.
    1. The way to bulk transfer is again done using FeedAPI. It is useful to design it as a night-time task if there are many documents.
    2. Geodi Feed API - Integration with Application Services ( GEODI → APP)  can also be considered for bulk transfers.

Where will the documents be opened?

You can open the documents in both in your own software or in GEODI. The Feed API will give you this option.

In what software will the search function take place?

GEODI Full is a text search software. In addition to that, it can make search operations like 'files nearby' based on the location information.  There are also semantic search capabilities based on the dates in the content. You can use these capabilities in several ways in your software.

  • Using the GEODI Search API, you can interpret the returned result yourself and visualize it according to your standards.
  • You can easily integrate the GEODI Search result into your software with an iframe. The theme support for visual differences is available at GEODI.

How will authorization be managed?

Permissions and prohibitions transmitted by Feed API are taken into account in GEODI queries. Thus, if a user cannot access a document by the EDMS or Archive software, it cannot be accessed in the GEODI query too.

For details, please see Sharing Permits and Prohibitions between GEODI and other applications .