Mobidi Server Create/Update MobidiEntry API

A token that is granted to use this function is required.  You may use this service with any client that can call REST API's and parse JSON results.


You can use this service to update a Mobidi record (MobidiEntry) or create a new one.

Please visit the technical page of MobidiQueryManagerHandler for all functions with parameter and response types.



HttpMethodGET, POST
Error Types

401 Unauthorized access / Access denied

403 Forbidden

511 Network Authentication Required

501 Server Error


MobidiEntry object that has been created or updated.

Request Example
var myEntry= {
	record: { geometry:"POINT(42.0 36.0)", layer_id:"..."}, 
	attributes: [ {id:"[new_guid]", name:"[attribute_id]","value":"....."} ]
var callBackFunction= function(data) {
$.post('[MOBIDIServerUrl]/EditMobidiEntry?op=Query', { 'entry': JSON.stringify(myEntry), }, callBackFunction, 'json')
Sample Applications