Mobidi Server Query for Record Counts API

A Token with query authorization is required. You can reach the JSON result of the rest API with any client you want.


Returns count of records grouped by layers corresponding to the query.

Please visit technical page of MobidiQueryManagerHandler  all functions with parameter and response types.



  • queryObject(JSON): MobidiQuery object as JSON format.

HttpMethodGET, POST
Error Types

401 Unauthorized access / Access denied

403 Forbidden

511 Network Authentication Required

501 Server Error

ResponseArray of QueryCounter objects
Request Example
var myQuery= {
	startDate:"20180114", //From 14 January 2018
	endDate:"-1w" //Up to 1 week ago
var callBackFunction= function(data) {
$.post('[MOBIDIServerUrl]/MobidiQueryManagerHandler?op=Query', { 'queryObject': JSON.stringify(myQuery), }, callBackFunction, 'json')
Response Example

	{ Layer_Id:"...", "Layer_Name":"...", Result_Count:...},
	{ Layer_Id:"...", "Layer_Name":"...", Result_Count:...},
	{ Layer_Id:"...", "Layer_Name":"...", Result_Count:...}
Sample Applications