Starting ...

GEODI and MOBIDI offer many possibilities for developers. Both software consists of 2 basic layers, Engine and Html5 / JSON / Javascript interfaces. Thus, if you wish you can create a completely different interface, or you can make Engine calls from the software you develop. It is also possible to modify all of the available interfaces, or just the pages you are targeting, by CSS and other methods.

For engine-level development, you can use Microsoft .NET Assembly (c #, , f #, , c ++, .Net ...) and to access to API you can use MVC, Asp.Net, ASP, PHP, Java. If you want to use GEODI or MOBIDI in your own applications, being able to call REST API is enough.

On the following pages, you will find detailed API documentation and examples. You can download and review samples from Github and use them as a basis for your new applications.

Examples include interactive pages where you can view API results without writing any code.